Our Story

Where did the name “iBiG® Fishing Rods and Apparel” come from?

Acronym for “i Believe in God”. Our company name was formed with this similar belief. In 2021 this Lifestyle brand of various production & custom freshwater / saltwater fishing rods and apparel was made available to all fishermen, from hobbyists to the professional fishing guide captains or fishing charter companies, that have the similar lifestyle that corresponds and aligns with our beliefs. iBiG® is a global lifestyle brand — a way of thinking, believing and living. 

 “Fish with Faith”       “Fisher of Men”       “Catch Heaven on Earth”

 "The iBiG® brand gives us the opportunity to spread the word and prove our product. We understand and embrace the fact that the iBiG® trademark will capture people’s attention and is naturally blessed."

Jim Hengy, Founder / Co-CEO